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Garnet Residence

PLAE Corporate Office – 2013

Woodstock, GA
Forest Drive

PLAE Corporate Office – 2020

This 92, 000 square foot Office/Storage facility was designed to house the relocation of the original corporate facility to a much larger facility to accommodate the rapid growth of the company and it’s world-wide operations. Both corporate operations and product storage/shipping operations are performed at this multi-function facility.

Forest Drive

Sidelines Sports Bar & Grille

This is a 6500 square foot locally franchised sports/family oriented restaurant/bar facility that also includes outdoor dining and bar service on an infra-red heated and evaporative-cooled patio. 

Forest Drive

Latitudes Tap & Kitchen

A 3100 square foot restaurant specializing in stylish cuisines from northern and southern regions of the USA and wines from all points of the globe. There is also a catering kitchen providing preparation and serving of popular up-scaled catered dinners to special events within the local area.

Forest Drive

SOCAH Dermatology Clinic

Decatur, GA

A 6,400 square foot clinic for diagnostic and treatment of skin and hair disorders. The physician/owner/client wanted an upscale interior theme to get away from the typical “doctor’s office décor, and provide a relaxing environment for patients.

Forest Drive

Chloe’s Auto Repair

Woodstock, GA

This is a 7800 square foot, upscale designed 14 bay shop for the repair of the mechanical aspects of automobiles. This facility includes specially-designed waiting area facilities with a wi-fi equipped business center for use by clients and an acoustically designed movie/activity center for children.

Royal Beach

“Thrive” Ministry Suite

“Thrive” is a 4,500 square foot educational unit located inside the Chapel “A” Building at First Baptist Church Woodstock. “Thrive” exists to partner with families of special needs children, build relationships, and provide an environment where individuals regardless of their abilities can indeed thrive. The colors, the wall graphics, the LED lighting, the interior materials and fabrics are all designed to stimulate the students to want to participate in supervised activities and receive a positive experience while learning and being cared for in a warm, inviting environment.

Dev Heights

Heroic Gaming Store

Marietta, GA

The Heroic Gaming Store is a 2,700 square foot facility that serves as both a retail outlet for the purchase of the latest board games and equipment, as well as a very spacious and secure game room where customers can play the games for hours. The retail space is designed to provide a wide-open space with colors, symbols and decorations reminiscent of “superheroes” currently popular with today’s youth.

Ocean View

The Grant Academy

Woodstock, GA

The Grant Academy is an educational facility for children with moderate learning disabilities, requiring personalized learning courses and schedules. The 6,000 square foot facility is situated on two levels. The building is composed of a steel beam and column system with metal studs and brick veneer to match surrounding buildings. 

Yubaba Avenue

Venue 92

Woodstock, GA

A 12,000 square foot facility designed to host special events such as weddings, seasonal parties and other events requiring occupancies of 350+ persons. The facility features both indoor and outdoor areas to accommodate whatever type of special event the client’s request.

Forest Drive

Woofstock Dog Park

Woodstock, GA

Woofstock Park was designed to provide local citizens with a very accessible community use area where dogs could share a large play area in a green setting. The land was situated in a FEMA floodplain area and the project was required to meet very stringent requirements for non-restrictive flood water run-off.

Forest Drive

Alliance Spine and Pain Clinic

This is a 2500 square foot ambulatory healthcare clinic, specializing in the diagnosis of spinal pain and minor surgery for spinal-related pain.

Forest Drive

Cherokee Fiber Corp Office

8000 square foot facility housing corporate office space for the largest fiber optic design and installation company in the Southeastern United States.

Forest Drive

PLAE Athletic Performance Measurement  Center

Woodstock, GA

This 13,000 square foot facility was designed to support professional athletic training and performance measurement for all forms of athletic training using state-of-the-art measurement equipment such as pressure plate technology and metabolic response.

Forest Drive

Springhead Church

A 30,000 Square Foot religious complex composed of a 7,000 square foot social hall, a 7,000 square foot educational center and a sanctuary for seating of 800 persons. It is located on a sprawling rural site in a farming community five miles away from the nearest town.

Forest Drive

Transport Specialists of America  Corporate Office

This 5000 square foot mid-century modern facility houses a corporation who provides complete acquisition and delivery of transport vehicles to clients such as Amazon Prime, Fed-X and UPS.

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