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From schematic design to construction completion, our all-inclusive services oversee and manage all phases of your building. Here is what you can expect in the design process.


Client inspired,
design driven.
2. Design Development
  • Refine and resolve building design

  • Determine building systems

  • Select building details and materials

  • Incorporate building codes and regulations

  • Refine construction cost in more detail

3. Development of Construction Documents
  • Continue development of final building details

  • Share design information with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering consultants so they can develop their design documents

  • At completion of this phase

    • Develop an accurate cost bid for construction analysis and contract award

    • Submit drawings for permitting

  • Architect searches for contractors

    • Verifies credibility

    • Solicits, evaluates, and selects construction bids

    • Awards the contract

  • Construction begins

    • Architect documents construction activities on a systematic basis via on-site inspections

      • This written and photographic documentation becomes a legal defense for legal claims and contract modifications

  • Architect arranges building inspections for municipal inspectors and fire marshals

  • Upon completion and Certificate of Occupancy is awarded, architect performs the contract closeout and arranges for the building to be put into use

4. Design and Construction Administration

EFSGA has developed strong relationships with planning authorities and have secured a broad range of planning permissions in past projects. Our portfolio includes zoning modifications for properties located within existing commercial districts, for work in business development zones and historic districts. 

5. Securing Zoning and Planning Modifications

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1. Schematic / Concept Design
  • Preliminary design

  • Concept sketches

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Define project goals, size and scope

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